Trekvaart Boterdiep

A beautiful trip through the beautiful landscape of North Groningen. With a (whisper quiet) boat, cycling or walking.


at the Trekvaart route Boterdiep: a sailing, cycling and walking route along part of the original towage route in North Groningen, across the Warffumermaar and the Boterdiep. Between 1663 and 1863 it was a coming and going of barges on these waters. It was the highway of the time, with a fixed timetable. All kinds of memories are left in the landscape. Think of rolling posts, old ferry houses, bridges and old names such as Jaagpad or Trekweg.

The Trekvaart route Boterdiep focuses on the towage system that transported the passengers. Boaters also made intensive use of tow barges to transport their goods over water.

The history of the popular barge has been forgotten. How nice it would be to experience the journey as a seventeenth or eighteenth century passenger! What did you see on the way from Warffum to Onderdendam? What happened in villages like Middelstum, Kantens, Uithuizen? How did it feel to be in a boat for so many hours? What was there to hear, to smell? And to taste?

We invite you. Are you going on a trip?

Are you curious what the special drafts offer belongs to participating companies and organizations along the route?

Then take a look!

“Experience the towage route in North Groningen from the water, by bike or on foot!”

No own boat or bicycle available? There are various rental addresses for canoes, whisper boats and bicycles.
See the page for this: participating companies