Participating companies, organization, etc.

Find the participating companies and organizations here. And check out their special sailing offer!

Bicycle rental: Lietmeijer Tweewielers - Uithuizen
Canoe and whisper boat rental:
Camp Zuiderhorn - Warffum and Camping Maarlandhoeve- Uithuizen -

Grand Café Het Spijslokaal - Warffum - Open Air Museum Het Hoogeland - Warffum
B&B De Middelstee- Middelstum - Teahouse Op Ewsum - Middelstum
B&B and restaurant De Molenaar - Onderdendam
Museum Menkemaborg - Uithuizen - Het Dorpslogement -Warffum
The CHURCH - Onderdendam - Inn In the Valk- Middelstum
Boerma's Antiekhoeve- Uithuizen - Village house Zijlvesterhoek - Onderdendam

The Food Room

The atmospheric restaurant Het Spijslokaal is located in a beautiful national monument from 1903, the old storage school with nostalgic gymnasium of the Open Air Museum het Hoogeland.
In the restaurant you can enjoy a cup of coffee, homemade cakes, a drink and various lunch and drinks.

Grand Café “Het Spijslokaal”, Open Air Museum Het Hoogeland
Inez Geenen, Simonique Kraandijk and Bert Lange
Oosterkerkpad 3 (Entrance catering)


Trekvaart offer

Nice lunch

We serve one during the migration route Hoogholjes lunch. This is the name for the high fixed foot bridges on the draft sailing route, high enough to allow ships to pass. Lunch (€ 7.50) consists of a double farm sandwich cheese with a glass of farmer's milk or buttermilk.

Tow barge offer

Upon presentation of a towing ticket or the downloaded route on Storytrails you will receive one in the museum free Letter to the Future.

Open Air Museum Het Hoogeland

experience it inside and out

The past comes alive in the heart of the North Groningen village of Warffum. In Open Air Museum Het Hoogeland you will discover the village from the time of the barge. You look around the grocer, the Jewish butcher or the bicycle shop. You go back in time in the school class or the caravan. With twenty old buildings you will experience how people lived and worked more than a hundred years ago. Living rooms, bedrooms and workshops have been decorated with so much attention to detail that it seems as if the residents are away for a while.

The Letter to the Future is a surprising photo search for the whole family. You can also walk and hoop on the playground near the old school, or try out whether such a box bed is comfortable. A selfie in the school desks is of course also included.

Schoolstraat 4  9989 AG Warffum     T 0595 422233       M

Camping Maarlandhoeve

The attractive campsite provides even more information 

Trekvaart offer

Camping Maarlandhoeve will surprise the traveler with a unique offer

Tow barge offer

On the evening of your stay at Camp Zuiderhorn we offer the draftsmen a private light classical piano concert for € 7.50 per person. Duration 30 minutes. In the concert improvisations on old sobs are hidden. Each barge had its own verse, which was blown by the boy on a horn as a departure signal.

During the concert, a glass is served and a plate of Groningen sausage and cheese is served.

Camp Zuiderhorn 

Experience camping in a casual atmosphere!

Spacious camping, hiker's huts / cottage, cultural activities, self-donation (resting point)

Canoe and boat rental

Onderdendamsterweg 2     9989 TG Warffum -

06 16378611

Bed & Breakfast De Middelstee

Middelstum, a village with history. The battle against the sea, which forced the earliest inhabitants to build their houses on a mound. Through the wealth of the medieval nobles, can be seen in the late Gothic Hippolytuskerk and remnants of the Asinga and Ewsum. Near the Hippolytuskerk is Bed & Breakfast “De Middelstee”, a small B&B, which consists of one spacious room. You have your own bathroom and toilet in the hallway. The B&B is near the Boterdiep.

An extensive breakfast with (organic) local products and homemade jam is standard. Dietary requirements are taken into account.

Kerkpad 15
9991 AC Middelstum
T: 0595 43 83 52 or 06-10547022

Trekvaart offer

The house includes one large natural garden, on top of the mound.
Guests can use it for at least two nights.

Trekking offers

  • taste from forgotten vegetables, old Groningen fruit varieties, herbs, berries and flowers: we make treats from them every day
  • Cup of tea or coffee served with a Boat
  • Scavenger hunt through the beautiful gardens with forgotten vegetables, old fruit varieties, flowers and more
  • We make a special on reservation Groningen high tea
  • Little exhibition of towage objects (also find the scented crate with forgotten scents! and the special tactile crate ..)
  • Draft craft plate for children
  • Old Groningen products

Teeschenkerij Op Ewsum

The tearoom in the former coach house of the borg Ewsum can be found in the rural surroundings of Middelstum. "Op Ewsum" is a work project of Werkpro and is professionally run by participants who follow day activities or gain work experience in the deposit and the gardens.

  • tea house / terrace
  • gardens / animal pasture
  • home and regional products
  • location rental
  • catering
  • exhibitions / music
  • firewood

Oosterburen 1 9991 NB Middelstum T 0595 552195 / M 06 110 636 92

Lietmeijer Two-wheelers

has been a household name in the province of Groningen for more than 20 years.

You can go here for E-bikes, city bikes and all kinds of beautiful bicycle accessories and nice bicycle souvenirs.

We look forward to seeing you in our store! You are most welcome!

Lietmeijer Two-wheelers
Schoolstraat 54
9981AP Uithuizen
0595 – 433625

Trek offer

You as a participant of the Trekvaartroute Boterdiep are welcome to visit our store.

You will then receive this on presentation of your pull boat ticket or the route app bicycle route Trekvaart Boterdiep 10% discount on our bicycle souvenirs, bicycle bags and / or other accessories

Trekvaart offer

We would love to guests staying in the B&B to receive met a glass of Fladderak . (click for more about the drink). At no extra cost.

With advance reservation we prepare a delicious lunch or dinner for 4 to 8 courses. Everything in the form of a surprise menu with seasonal products.

Restaurant and B&B de Molenaar  - Mill Hunsingo in Onderdendam.

Our monumental building dates from 1855 and was previously used as a flour mill. Experience a special one during the trek route overnight stay, full of nostalgia and history. Sleep in a former mill or grain loft and enjoy the beautiful view. The most beautiful place in the Groningen Hogeland!

Martin Kooijker
Uiterdijk 4 9959 PK Onderdendam Phone: 050 204 1732

The Menkemaborg

is a fully furnished house where a beautiful picture is given of life and living on a Groningen deposit in the 18the century. Between the canals are several gardens, including a formal garden, a natural sundial garden, a fruit court with pear beau and a kitchen garden with a rose tunnel. The Alberda van Menkema lived in the bail from 1682 to 1902. Ancestor Mello Alberda already lived in Uithuizen and had the Boterdiep excavated in 1668 to make Uithuizen more accessible. The Menkemaborg has been one since 1927 museum.

The kitchen garden is also neatly laid out with compartments surrounded by boxwood hedges. In the large compartments, vegetables are grown and in the narrow compartments, the herbs are used, not only for the kitchen, but also for medicine. 

In the family archive is a handwritten 18the-century cookbook preserved. It contains recipes including artichoke, asparagus and cucumber. Find them in the kitchen garden.

Towing boat offer

You get one leaflet for free with your visit. You can use one walk through the garden and then take a circular walk through small villages through the Groningen landscape.

Menkemaweg 2 9981 CV MOVING OUT
Tel .: 0595-431970 E-mail:

Trekvaart offer

THE CHURCH is open for viewing daily from 11 am to 5 pm. On 1 August you can visit the Amsterdam School furniture collection in the “Consistoriekamer”. We maintain the corona measures.

For the upcoming exhibitions and expositions see our website

Photo: Jim Ernst

THE CHURCH Onderdendam

DE KERK, the center for the Groningen School of Groningen, is located in the former Reformed church at Bedumerweg 34 in Onderdendam. DE KERK and the adjacent rectory were built under the architecture of the Groninger Amsterdam School in 1932 by the architect Albert Wiersema. The interior has remained almost original and gives a nice picture of the expressionist architectural style of the 1930s and the “Gesamt Kunstwerk”.

The Village Lodge

The Village Lodge is a quiet, attractive place to stay in the heart of Warffum. Rest seekers, round-trip travelers, citycombers and wadden adventurers are welcome to stay there. For more information and booking:

+31 (0)595 439262
Schoolstraat 8 9989 AG Warffum

Towing boat offer

Trekvaarders receive the overnight stay (see the standard prices stated on the website) including a real one skipper's breakfast

Trekvaart offer

A four-course experience menu where you, as a draftsman, step into history in a culinary way. Mark Willem and Evelien take you on a unique tour through all the historic rooms of the inn. In doing so, they talk about the inn's special history and the dishes. 

Taste the atmosphere of yesteryear!

€ 45 per person. Dinner is by reservation only. 

Image: Inn In the Falcon at the former harbor De Kolk in Middelstum (Groningen Archives)

Inn In the Falcon

There are no horses and carriages in the passage of this former inn, but Herberg In de Valk is still a welcome stopping place. Visitors can catch their breath here in a beautiful historic ambience and idyllic setting.

For a tasty dinner, for one lunch, a cup of coffee or a drink on the terrace. Or for a tasting. And of course for the delicious homemade apple pie. Welcome.

Burchtstraat 12, 9991 AB Middelstum: 0595 855 795 /

Burma's Antiques Farm

A visit to this Antiekhoeve is an experience. You feel like a treasure hunter in the two barns full of Antiques and Curiosities.
Located just outside the village of Uithuizen near the Menkemaborg.

Monday 13:30 - 17:00 Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 - 17:00 Closed on Sunday

Dingeweg 11, 9981 NC Uithuizen T. 0595 - 43 12 64

Towing boat offer

The two huge barns are almost literally filled to the brim with thousands and thousands of stuff from the old days and from even longer ago. It is a place to wander, to stumble, to dream away. A time capsule to the old era of the barge.


Zijlvesterhoek village house is located in the core of the village of Onderdendam, the crossroads of the waterways and halfway along the migratory route. Entirely run by volunteers. In the summer period the terrace is open on weekends and you can come and eat fries and snacks on Saturday. Experience the openness of this village (shuis) that has a very active association life. Local beer from the 'Zotte Kalf' is served or try the 'Fladderak' from Hooghoudt. This liqueur gets its name from a tax collector from Onderdendam. Soup is also on the menu, prepared by restaurant de Molenaar.
Everyone is welcome at: Saturdays from 12:00 to 20:00 and Sundays from 12:00 to 17:00

Also take a look at the website for any art / culture activities on Friday evening. From October the terrace closes, but there are various activities in our village house on Saturdays and the 'snack bar' is open from 17:00 to 20:00

Shortcut 1   9959 PC Onderdendam    050 – 30 49 140 

Towing boat offer

This remains a surprise