Dead silent

House where Okke Kluin committed the murder
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Okke Kluun

The town of Doodstil is the background against which a tragedy took place. In 1837, 22-year-old Okke Kluun was playing cards in Uithuizen. It didn't go well and soon the money ran out. He gambled and lost. He spent the little money that remained on alcohol. After his last game, the drunkard staggered back to the house on the Maarweg in Doodstil, to get money. Unfortunately he had nothing left of his own. He demanded money from his landlady, who refused. He then unceremoniously beat her brain with a peat ax. Then he took her money and trudged back to Uithuizen, where he sat down again and picked up his cards.
It didn't take long for Okke to be arrested. He was taken on a farm wagon, between two field guards, to the Grote Markt in the city. The route will have gone close to the Boterdiep. It was April 12, 1838.
Groups of people stood on the Grote Markt. They were silent.

What happened??

Source: The Stories of Groningen

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