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Former Café Tuitman and folding bridge

The gentleman farmer and his wife

The hamlet of Fraamklap

The hamlet of Fraamklap (formerly also called Froomtille / Froomtil / Fraamtil) owes its name to the lost deposit “De Fraam”, which used to be located at Huizinge and whose inhabitants plastered in the inn of Fraamklap on their trip to Onderdendam or elsewhere. The nobles received porridge and other snacks. The horses received fresh water and oats. The exit “til”, from Fraamtil, refers to the fixed bridge that was still over the water in the 17th century, a til. Until the 21st century, this building was used as an inn and living room café (café Tuitman). It is on the corner of the Jaagpad and the Fraamweg, next to the bridge, which was most likely a towage stop.

The Fraamklap Jaagpad is located on the water between Onderdendam and Middelstum. This waterway was built between 1616 and 1668 and was successively given the names: Treck Vaart, Het Diep, Kleidiep and finally Boterdiep. Here the skippers had to pull their ships through the water with the help of a horse, a servant or mother's wife. This ship hunting (Groningen for ship pulls) was popularly called "hunting". The Jaagpad owes its name to these efforts.
To make it easier for the towing barge to pass, the lift, the fixed bridge, was replaced in 1662 by a folding bridge. This gave rise to the new name Fraamklap. It was a small place with a lot of activity: in addition to an inn, Fraamklap also had a cooperage / wagon builder, a butcher shop, a shop, a lime roaster, a shipyard, a brick factory, mills, a coach house, a blacksmith shop and farms. The following story is about one of the farms and the forge.

The story

“At the end of the nineteenth century, a gentleman farmer and his wife lived on a spacious gentleman's farm on Jaagpad number 3. The gentleman farmer was not very happy and his wife was clearly not. During dinner she did nothing else than peek at the neighboring forge. And whine she did! She just didn't stop. The farmer was sick and tired. He no longer tasted the food. How could he shut her up?

One day he had a brilliant inspiration. He implemented his plan as soon as possible. What would he have thought up?

And would the whining really be over…? ”

Source Fré Tuitman / Author Gerrit Veldman 

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