The Boterdiep near Kantens 1898-1908
Collection Groningen Archives

In 1759 the Boterdiep was described in the specificq Register of all necessary Zijllen & c. if true about it  General Zijlvest by Winsumer and Schaphalter Zijllen it is opsight

The view on the Generale / Trekvaart or waterings / starting from the City of Groningen / along Hogerbrugge, Zuijdwolde, / Noordwolde, Ellerhuijsen, Bedum, / to an Onderdendam. Edogh / must carry out the graving and maintenance / or cleaning of roach [vom]: / in the following manner. / From Groningen to Noorder / Hogerbrugge Two parts by / the province, and one part by the / City of Groningen. / From Hogerbrugge to Onderdendam / Two parts by the Province / and one part by the Zijlvest of / Winsumer and Schaphalster Zijllen.

The canal Butter deep runs in the province of Groningen from the port of Uithuizen to the Van Starkenborghkanaal at Noorderhoogebrug (city of Groningen) and is 25 km. long. The channel is said to owe its name to the transport of milk products. Other names that were in vogue for the Boterdiep are: Butterdiep, Botterdiep, Butterdep or Cleisloot. In Groningen: Botterdaip.

During construction in the 17e century, existing watercourses were used. The connection from Bedum to Groningen was dug by the Cleisloot in 1625. In 1660 it was extended to Kantens. In 1695 the harbor in Uithuizen became a reality.

For the construction of the Van Starkenborghkanaal, it ended deep in the Turfsingel in the city of Groningen.

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