The Warffumermaar with Warffum in sight

It Warffumermaar is a canal dug from an original watercourse almost 7 km long. Many watercourses have traditionally been built in the province of Groningen but (multiple = but ) mentioned. A characteristic difference with, for example, the watercourses in the province of Friesland is that the ramparts are higher in the province of Groningen and therefore the view for, for example, canoeists is less wide.

The Warffumermaar starts at the port of Warffum and eventually ends after about 7 kilometers at Onderdendam in the Winsumerdiep. This Winsumerdiep is directly connected to the Boterdiep in Onderdendam.

The Warffumermaar drains water via the Usquerdermaar near Usquert.

Map 36 from The Atlas of Beckeringh, Zwolle 2016. Original map in coll. from the University Library, AS20-26, pencil and ink, 19.7 x 16 cm

• From the collection of Groningen Archives
• Course of the Warffumer Diep, Trek Canal Onderdendam - Warffum
• Date of manufacture 1748-1767

"Experience the towing history in North Groningen from the water, by bike or on foot!"