Take part in the discovery game Boterdiep 2020. For young and old

The discovery game Trekvaartroute Boterdiep.

1 a What was the characteristic of a Veerhuis?

1 b In which villages along the route do the old Veerhuizen still exist?

1 c What function did a weeping stable have?

2 a What is the name of the inn at Bieuweketil?

2 b What is part of the foundation of this inn?

2 c Do you have an idea why this was used as a foundation?

3 a Where did the dividing line between Onderdendam and Menkeweer probably run in the past?

3 b What text is on the facade of the Waterschapshuis in Onderdendam?

3 c Do you agree with this text, and why?

3 d What is the essence of the audiovisual story in Onderdendam?

4 a What is the difference between a slap and a lift?

4 b Name four activities that all used to take place at Fraamklap?

4 c For what two reasons was the Koetshuis Fraamklap built?

5 Pulling the barges along the adjacent roads was a heavy activity.

5 a Name at least three names given to these roads?

5 b Name at least six different goods that were transported with the tow barge.

5 c Switch and iron: Name four rules / sailing rules that the ship hunters had to deal with.

6 Ewsum and Menkema are anchorages that are (partly) still intact in the vicinity of the Boterdiep migration route.

6 a Name two more anchorages that were located directly along the Boterdiep towing route.

6 b Can you indicate why these guarantors have disappeared over time?

7 a Silent: What is the origin of this name?

7 b And what do you think is the correct story of Okke Kluun?

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