Several themes surrounding the Boterdiep canal cruise. Are you joining as a participant? Do you have any suggestions?

Entrepreneurs and organizations cordially invited

We want to revive the interesting trekking history with this route. We look forward to collaborating with entrepreneurs / organizations / interested parties along the route. We cordially invite you to participate. Each participant is both listed on this website as on the three route apps on Storytrails.

In addition to the main theme of hiking, a number of interesting topics are included along the route: art and architecture, history, landscape, flora and fauna, archeology and the culinary area. Have a look per theme inspirational.

Participation is free of charge

Your participation can be directly related to the theme of Trekvaart and / or to one of the extra themes.
Be creative (please!), Stimulate the senses for the hikers. 

We are open to ideas. We also want to develop various arrangements. See the examples on the Arrangements page.

How to register?

Deliver a short text and a photo. Contact the secretariat and / or fill in the enclosed document.

  • text, in 100 to 150 words: a description of your company / organization and the product or activity that you have in store for the towers
  • Written in the “your” form
  • Sharp, not too small, photo in a good resolution (approx. 800 pixels or higher)