The several themes surrounding the Boterdiep canal cruise

Central theme: barge canal

Traveling by barge became increasingly popular in Groningen in the 17th and 18th centuries. The tow barge traveled an average of 7 kilometers per hour, so it was spent traveling quite a few hours. Along the route stood the now almost forgotten ferry or snikhuizen, bell houses, roll-over poles, houses for the bridge keepers, living room cafes, etc.… This interesting and almost forgotten history, the central theme of the Trekvaartroute Boterdiep, is revived with this route breathed in.

Other interesting topics

In addition to the main theme of towing, a number of surprising other subjects along the route have been included for the interested traveler, which also deserve attention. It is a wide variety of themes: art and archeology, history, the landscape, flora and fauna, architecture and the culinary area. Take a look!