Verses along the trekvaart route

Snikvers, snikjong and the barge

Before the gasp left, the child kept blowing his tin horn. With cold and stiff lips, this will not always have sounded great. And not every boy will have been able to play the instrument well, but surely some of them had such a virtuoso technique that they could play several tones.

One has to imagine that it was so intensely quiet in the countryside in North Groningen that the horn sound of the snikjong was a very striking sound, because apart from a church organ there was hardly any music to be heard.

Each ship had its own chanting verse with accompanying melody. As soon as the tune was played, the gangway was hauled in for the descent of the sob. There are several sniklaidjes preserved from the long period between c. 1660 - 1900. Many songs ask whether coffee has been brewed.

A number of examples are included under the name snikvers. Try to sing them out loud (together).

"Verses along the trekvaart route in North Groningen" "