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The Lorelei of the Bieuwketil

The old inn “Rest a little” is located at the bridge and also the former Bieuwketil draft stop, about one kilometer south of the village of Warffum. The house was built on cowhides in a very old place to live, already before 1663, when the towage transport to and from Warffum started. At that time, the housing belonged to residents of the Warffumborg, also known as Asingaheerd. This long demolished and very impressive deposit was on the other side of the Warffumermaar. This is the natural watercourse that flows from the Waddenzee towards Onderdendam.

When shipping declined in the nineteenth century, it was not so good for the patronage of the inn. There had to be a solution, the innkeeper brooded, but how? After some time he came up with a plan and that was certainly not commonplace. Even only suitable for sunny summer days, but still. Now only persuade his daughters to work. And they did! Warffum was ahead and a peat skipper would have been so distracted that he even flew out of the corner with his ship…

The Stories of Groningen

Source: Fons van Wanrooij, To the ease of the traveling man, with the barge from Groningen to Warffum, Bedum, 2000

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